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Nurses are the foundation of healthcare

They constitute the majority of health workers, in the world and in Bosnia and Herzegovina (67%). It is recognized globally that the nursing workforce is essential to meeting the evolving health needs of the population. This is particularly true in Bosnia-Hercegovina, where health professional migration has been significant for years, and where the demographic and epidemiological transition shows an aging population subject to an increased prevalence of chronic diseases
Nurses are the foundation of healthcare

Nurses may contribute to the prevention of preventable illnesses and provide appropriate care to patients requiring routine follow-up. Nurses have substantial potential to improve access to quality health services to all, in particular to socially excluded people. Strategic investment in nursing can bring significant economic and social benefits. 



Since 2012, Swiss-supported Strengthening Nursing in Bosnia and Herzegovina project (ProSes), has been improving the recognition of nursing, working conditions, capacity building, available quality services and education path in BIH. 
In cooperation with the entity ministries of health, the Project is implemented by the Consortium of Fondacija fami and Geneva University Hospitals. 
The infographics showcase areas of intervention in project Phase 3 and key results achieved so far.